Monday, April 21, 2014

The Author-Mom Chronicles #4 - My Teen is Driving

I remember turning 16. It was exciting. There was a sense of freedom. My car was always filled with friends and loud music. But there was also that annoyance of the parents who thought they could still hold me down...

And this was my car, Betty Boop!

Well, now my husband and I are those parents.

Our son turned 16 in September and got his permit within a week. We did the necessary driving time and he passed his license test a week and a half ago. Of course, the test wasn't near as rigorous as I would have liked. He basically had to drive through a shopping plaza, out to a light and back into the plaza. I would have preferred the have a rush hour simulator set up with full-time actors cast as asshole drivers to push his limits. Maybe they could also have a couple gorgeous teen girls in the crosswalk and some old ladies vying for their turn across the street. I would have happily let them borrow my youngest to add the ADHD distraction I deal with every time we get in the car.

But, he is a good driver and he, of course, passed the test.

But, this opens the door to a new level of anxiety for us as his parents. Even though he's had his license for almost two weeks, he hasn't been allowed to drive alone. Mostly because there are a couple things we needed to have done to his car so he doesn't have it yet and my husband and I both have new cars that we are not willing to let him drive alone. (Good excuse for just not wanting him to be off on his own, yet. Yeah, we suck like that!)

He gets his car this week and, even though we have given him the deets, still thinks this is his FREEDOM PASS. NOT! There will be rules.

1. When your girlfriend is in the car there will be a hired Amish widow to sit in the backseat as a chaperone.
2. There will be a GPS chip and surveillance camera in the interior of your car so we can monitor everything.
3. We have hired a private investigator to tail you closely every second you are not in our driveway.
4. You can drive to school and back, to WalMart to help me out when I'm in a pinch and to church. All other places you'd like to go will be added one at a time in 6 month intervals.
5. When all of these rules have been followed to a "T" and you have not been pulled over, caught parking, had secret excursions and the GPS has not logged unknown/unapproved addresses and you have been driving for five years...then you may come and go as you please.


Of course, I'm joking about all the silly rules but not about the anxiety level I will experience when he leaves our house with his sister each morning for school. Even though I can see the school from our living room window. Shut up! I'm just that kind of mom.

I will, however, be keeping myself occupied with a new book boyfriend to keep from giving myself a stroke over his new-found freedom.

You will soon get to know the beautiful boy that will steal your heart but FIRST, you will need to come back  tomorrow for the COVER REVEAL of ABOVE THE NOISE and a last minute decision to post all of CHAPTER ONE!

Don't miss it.
Hey, I gotta go install an engine speed and stereo volume monitor before the 16 year old wakes up.


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