Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Question Wednesday - Rebecca Shea

We are back with another installment of this ONE QUESTION gig and I am thrilled to have the very talented, very sweet Rebecca Shea joining us with her answer to today's question!

I read Rebecca's debut novel, UNBREAKABLE when it first came out last summer and was blown away!
I immediately facebooked her to tell her how much I loved it and she has become an author I know I can turn to with questions about this publishing gig...and I do turn to her...often! :)
And she's nothing but sweet and ready  to answer my questions so, of course, she's one of my top picks for this feature on my blog!

Rebecca's question is:

What was the most memorable devious thing you ever did with your high school/college girlfriends?

Rebecca –
This is hard because I have so many memories, but not really many that were devious. I’m a pretty fair and honest person…so being devious isn’t in my nature.

Me –
I was thrilled Rebecca answered this way because it shows the type of character she has and I love that. She was sweet back  then and still is one of the sweetest authors I know.

So, of course that means two things… 1- I will take her slot and give you two memorable deviosities (yes, I know that’s not a word but look at it!! It really should be!) and 2 – the fact that I have enough of these to fill my next novel will prove to all those people in HS who called me “goody-two-shoes” that I may have only have one foot in those shoes!

It would either be the time in HS we stole the letters off a movie sign, herring and eggs, threw gum in someone’s hair just as the photographer snapped the Varsity Club pic. And then there was the time in college when one of my sorority sisters and I said we were sick and couldn’t make it to our Sunday night chapter meeting but… we drove with a bunch of fraternity guys from PSU to Pitt to go to a Henry Rollins/Jane’s Addiction concert.

So, thanks Rebecca for making this “good-two-shoes” look like a felon!
See, I told y'all she was sweet!


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