Monday, April 7, 2014

The Author-Mom Chronicles #2 - April Fools and Writing Habits

Today I'm actually NOT trying to procrastinate! I have three days to finish ABOVE THE NOISE so I have time to run my own edits before sending it out to my editor so I've got a ton to do.

This was the first year I did NOT tell my husband I was pregnant on April Fool's Day. He believes me every single year so I thought I'd give him a break this time. However, one of my friends who pranks her husband on a semi-regular basis needed proof to play the pregnancy trick on her husband. So, she begged and pleaded and finally got a nurse at her doctor's office to dig out a positive pee test so she would have "proof."  I really think she deserves an award or something! That was brilliant and kudos to her nurse!

Gracie's character would want you to know that April is NATIONAL SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH so in support, I will be posting awareness facts on facebook periodically but here are some statistics to wake us all up!

I wrote 10,374 words on Saturday which is the most I've ever written in one sitting. My kids roll their eyes because they know that since Mom is a writer, they get no sympathy when they complain about having to write "ten whole pages!"

Last week, my healthy goals were amazing until Thursday...I kinda fell off the wagon and we won't even talk about the weekend. But, I'm focusing on how well I did for those THREE DAYS! :)

I could keep writing and blah blah blah-ing but I really need to write so


I'm serious, it really is a registered holiday!

I hate to go... you know I could talk here all day but Calon is calling me to finish his story and, in all honesty, I really am excited to get to the's SUCH AN AMAZING ENDING!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day, lovelies.

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  1. I'm alarmed that none of the yes responses by the guys are under 30%. No wonder so many of these rapes happen. But some of the high rates on the girl side is shocking too. Thanks for sharing this and I didn't know about NATIONAL SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH.

    Unto April Fools. I think it is mean fooling your husbands into thinking you guys are pregnant. That pregnancy test thing could backfire. What if he gets excited and starts calling relatives. Just saying that I think it could go sideways. But can't say you ladies aren't pranking geniuses.