Here's the scoop on me...

Me? What do you want to know?

I write books. I draw pictures. I'm a wife and mom... and that about wraps it up!

More? You want more?

All that's left is some random meaningless trivia but, hey, if that's what you're into then I am your girl!

Little known facts (until now) about Michelle Kemper Brownlow:

1. I live in my little black Converse sneaks.
2. I LOVE to kiss. LOVE IT!
3. I don't eat things that breathe.
4. I am a sucker for love.
5. I have a secret sugar stash in my kitchen...muaaaah aaahhh ahhhh!
6. I actually like brussel sprouts.
7. I'm a music addict...have it on ALL the time. Mostly classic alternative.
8. I've seen 40 famous rock/country/alternative/christian bands live.
9. I bite my nails.
10. My writing day meals consist of Twizzlers and coffee. that good? What? More?...Wow, you're a glutton for punishment!

11. I will always choose beer over the bottle, please.
12. I think Ashton Kutcher is freaking adorable!
13. My grandmother cured ear aches with urine.
14. I have had over 70 pets in my life.
15. I think it's creepy that Handy Manny and Fez are the same guy.
16. I like to read about bad boys and rockstars!
17. I fell for the Fifty Shades hype!
18. I despise cleaning.
19.  I have watched Footloose (because I DIE for Kevin Bacon!) more than 40 times! And can recite almost the ENTIRE movie!
20. EDDIE VEDDER is my favorite rock star...I mean, ROCK GOD!
21. I am a survivor of emotional abuse and a recovering bulimic.

...OK, I have told you more in twenty facts than I have told my therapist in the last year.

You're still here?
Read something else... I am getting self-conscious here!

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