Monday, August 31, 2015

1st Day of School = My "New Year" Resolutions


So, it's that day:

  • the alarm actually springs you out of bed
  • you're excited to pack those lunches
  • everyone's smiling and happy about school
  • you take the obligatory first day pics
  • you send them on their way
  • the house is quiet
At least that's how it goes in our house...and has for the last fourteen years, if you count the preschool days.

So, today is a new day for Mom, too. It's the day I start planning how to reconstruct and reorganize my life. I've been at at-home mom (one with many side projects happening all the time) and summer is WONDERFUL for me because I spend so much of my time with my kiddos. But, I do look forward to getting some semblance of organization back now that school is in - even though, as an artist, organization is NOT one of my strong suits.

I'm also re-evaluating my health and my focus on keeping my body healthy.
(hands shake as I type this next sentence) AND I'M GIVING UP DIET PEPSI FOR GOOD!

I'm teaching private art lessons, too, which makes me so happy!


A couple weeks ago I entered the #Pitchwars phenomenon on Twitter, thanks to the amazing Brenda Drake, the mastermind behind all the hubbub. Here's how it goes:

You scroll through all the author mentors and choose five whom you'd like to work with on a finished/polished manuscript. You fill out the Google form with all your info and select those five amazing women.

They take the next couple weeks to read all their submissions, request more of some authors and narrow down their choice to ONE.

The mentor and the author they chose then work together for two months sharpening scenes, killing off darlings (what we authors call cutting scenes and minor characters), polishing until your fingers bleed (well, that's an exaggeration, but almost). 

Then it's the agent round and, with the help of your mentor, your time to shine in front of some of the best literary agents in the business. All the while, hoping for that match made in Heaven that could get your book...your baby...into the hands of salivating readers everywhere.

The day the mentors choose their mentee. There were over 1600 authors who sent in their work and only a handful of mentors-to-be. So, some of these amazing women and men read HUNDREDS of submissions and had to narrow them down to ONE.

So, I wait.
Of course, I follow my mentor choices and hang on every word they tweet. Their super vague hints OF COURSE are all about MY manuscript...jk

So, another of my "resolutions" for this year is to keep current with this author blog and document my journey. I've purposely kept my Mondays FREE for this school year so I have one day a week to re-energize and sort out all that needs to be done in the coming week. So, you may only hear from me on Mondays as I sit and eat my breakfast (like I'm doing now) or you may hear from me as I write and get stuck...and even when I'm procrastinating on a particularly difficult scene.

I am a "helper" by nature and want to give tips and advice to those of you who have a story inside of you and are looking for direction. I can not offer to read everyone's manuscripts and give advice or I'd never get my own writing done but I CAN point you in the direction of editor friends and beta readers who would be able to get you onto their reading schedule.

So, what am I working on?

Well, before the end of last year, I pulled the IN TOO DEEP series from Amazon and it's only available if you buy it used through Amazon sellers. My reason for that is long and drawn out and will probably soon be a blog post but the simplistic version is so I can re-write it and have it available for YOUNG ADULT readers.

WHEN I LIED is done...that's what's making its rounds at #Pitchwars.

I have SHIFT on the back burner.

I started a NEW book, called UPSTAGED, but it's currently sharing the back burner because an amazing agent asked what I was working on and I told her everything that was current as well as the ideas that just had jotted down notes in my IDEA journal...

Don't ya know, one of THOSE is what she was most interested in... so I've started a NEW, NEW book  for her. That book's working title is PURPLE HAZE.


...and now I need to take a walk...and check Twitter to see what my five mentors are HINTING at.

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