Tuesday, July 1, 2014

eFestival of Words 2014 Finalist

I couldn't be more honored to be nominated for these awards but today they announced the finalists and IN TOO DEEP has made it to the finals and needs your votes.

We are a finalist in the

I know there are tons of contests out there and people are winning them all the time, but the fact that this particular contest is for INDEPENDENT ebooks makes this a much BIGGER deal for those of us INDIES!

INDIE AUTHORS are growing in popularity and all you have to do is look at the list and see how MANY amazing talents are there.

I'd love it of you'd head over to the eFestival Category lists, register (it only takes a second and you don't have to accept any of the free offers at the end), and vote for your favorites.

Just click HERE and it will take you directly to the voting booths!

Good luck to all the amazing finalists!
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Final Day of the ABOVE THE NOISE blog tour

I can not tell you how THRILLED I am with Book Plug Promotions! Heather ran my COVER REVEAL, my RELEASE DAY LAUNCH and my BLOG TOUR and everything has been so smooth and ...well, PERFECT! Her prices are so reasonable for all the work she puts into these details of her business! Most professional experience I've had as an author!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Here's the list of BLOG TOUR STOPS this week...most of which were 4 & 5 star reviews which has me all giddy! The links will take you to each website so you can see reviews, excerpts, bonus scenes, character interviews and join the giveaways, etc.
Today's the last day - so do it NOW!

Dates to PostBlog NameBlog URLPost
Monday - June 16Illusionary Pleasurehttp://illusionarypleasure.wordpress.com/Bonus Scene
Monday - June 16thHere is some of what I readhttp://www.mywriterblog.com/whatiread/Promo Post
Monday - June 16thToot's Book Reviewshttp://tootsbookreviews.blogspot.comCharacter Interview
Monday - June 16thHEA Bookshelfhttp://heabookshelf.blogspot.comReview
Monday - June 16thA Love Affair With Bookshttp://www.aloveaffairwithbooks.com/Review and Excerpt
Monday - June 16thWicked Women Book Bloghttp://wickedwomenbookblogs.blogspot.com/Promo Post
Monday - June 16thLovin' Los Libroshttp://www.lovinloslibros.blogspot.comReview
Monday - June 16thRose's Book Bloghttp://rosecaceres.blogspot.comPromo Post
Monday - June 16thCollector of book boyfriendshttp://collectorofbookboyfriends.wordpress.com/Promo Post
Monday - June 16thTrinas Tantilising Tidbitshttp://trinastantilisingtidbits.blogspot.co.nzPromo Post
Monday - June 16thTrue Story Book Bloghttp://www.truestorybookblog.comPromo Post
Tuesday - June 17thTSK TSK What to Readhttp://www.tsktskwhattoread2.blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Tuesday - June 17thBetween My Lineshttp://www.betweenmylines.comReview
Tuesday - June 17thhalos and horns book bloghttp://www.halosandhornsbookblog.blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Tuesday - June 17thAgents of Romancehttp://www.agentsofromance.comReview and Excerpt
Tuesday - June 17thEbony and Ivory’s Book Harmonyhttp://ebonyandivorysbookharmony.blogspot.com/Promo Post
Wednesday - June 18thKindle Crack Book Reviewshttp://www.kindlecrack.netReview
Wednesday - June 18thSleep Deprived Book Lovershttp://sleepdeprivedbooklovers.blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Wednesday - June 18thTrue Story Book Bloghttp://www.truestorybookblog.comPromo Post
Wednesday - June 18thBooks, Boys, & Badass Bloggetteshttp://BadassBloggettes.blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Wednesday - June 18thWicked Readshttp://vkwickedreads.wordpress.com/Review and Excerpt
Wednesday - June 18thBookSkaterhttp://bookskater.blogspot.com/Promo Post
Wednesday - June 18thReview and Excerpthttp://www.kvlovesbooks.blogspot.co.ukReview and Excerpt
Thursday - June 19thDeal Sharing Auntwww.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.comPromo Post
Thursday - June 19thRumpled Sheets Bloghttp://rumpledsheetsblog.wordpress.com/Promo Post
Thursday - June 19thNaughty and Nice Book Blogwww.naughtyandnicebookblog.comReview & Excerpt
Friday - June 20thAshley's Book Cornerhttp://ashleysbookcorner.blogspot.com/Review and Excerpt
Friday - June 20thScandalous Book Bloghttp://scandalousbookblog.blogspot.co.uk/Review and Excerpt
Friday - June 20thShort and Sassy Book Blurbshttp://shortandsassybookblurbs.blogspot.com/Review and Excerpt
Friday - June 20thThe Boyfriend Bookmarkhttp://theboyfriendbookmark.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stAshley's Book Cornerhttp://ashleysbookcorner.blogspot.com/Review and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stLove Words And Bookshttp://lovewordsandbooks.comPromo Post
Saturday  - June 21stAnny bookshttp://httpswwwfacebookcomsexylmreftntnmn.weebly.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stSix Chicks and Their Love of BooksWww.sixchicksbooks.blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stLove N. Bookshttp://lovenbooks.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stwe stole your book boyfriendhttp://westoleyourbookboyfriend.weebly.com/Review and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stLiterary Meanderingshttp://www.literaryme.net/Promo Post
Saturday  - June 21stJessica Loves Bookshttp://www.jessicalovesbooks.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stLustful Literaturehttp://lustfulliterature.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stRead-Love-Blogwww.Read-Love-Blog.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stStick Girl Book Reviewshttps://www.stickgirlbookreviews@blogspot.comReview and Excerpt
Saturday  - June 21stHooked on Bookshttp://hookedonbooksforever.blogspot.com/Review
Saturday  - June 21stRockin' The Bookshelfhttp://www.rockinthebookshelf.netPromo Post

Now....onto the next book!

Monday, June 9, 2014


I can't believe it is happening tomorrow!
Tomorrow I have to actually SHARE Calon...ugh! He's been all mine for quite some time now. You got a little of him in ON SOLID GROUND but tomorrow you get ALL of him...ALL. OF. HIM.

Here's the final three countdown graphics! Enjoy!

Also, today I'm hosting a READERS BRUNCH over on my fb author page - all are welcome!
10am-noon EST


Friday, June 6, 2014


He's coming!

...and I've been behind in my blogging so I'm gonna catch you up!

We are at 4 days until the release of ABOVE THE NOISE!
But I'm gonna give you the countdown from 7...

IN TOO DEEP (book 1) was released ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!

ON SOLID GROUND (book 2) was released DECEMBER 3, 2013
ABOVE THE NOISE (book 3 - also a stand alone novel) will be released JUNE 10, 2014

That is all!
Time to party! I'm headed to sign at the INDIES INVADE PHILLY author signing tomorrow with 39 of the coolest authors ever! The event is SOLD OUT! Maybe I'll see you there!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wow! What a ride!

It's been a whole month since I posted.
Because I have been working my ass off working on the final edits and details of ABOVE THE NOISE!
HOLY CRAP! The people I have been working with are beyond amazing and because of them, this book is going to blow up! I promise you that!

Heather Davenport of Book Plug Promotions
Elizabeth Aguilar of Book Peddler's Editing
Angela McLaurin of Fictional Formats
and my betas Heather Davenport, Jenee Gibbs and Holly Baker!

June 6th is my BOOK-A-VERSARY - 1 year since my debut novel, IN TOO DEEP, was released.
June 7th I will be signing at the INDIES INVADE PHILLY author event at the Phila Convention Center!
Counting down the days until June 10th when this baby releases to the masses!
June 11th I turn 44!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Author-Mom Chronicles #4 - The New Adult Genre

THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A RANT! LOL! I am merely bringing up a topic and sharing my thoughts. Please don't read a condescending tone into this post - it is positively NOT intended that way.

My debut novel, IN TOO DEEP, takes place on the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus. My characters are 21 and 22 and were dealing with the subject of dating abuse. Gracie, my main character, was tested in many ways throughout the novel. Her resolve, self-esteem, convictions, self-worth were all part of the theme which is typical of an early twenties co-ed.

After my first round of edits, my publisher said, "We need the sex to be a little grittier. Leave less to the imagination. Give us more details." I wasn't completely comfortable with that for many reasons, the first being that my teenage kids would want to read my very first book...and I didn't want them INSIDE Gracie's sex life. But, because I was writing in the NA genre, I knew readers were older and more mature and my own kids would just have to wait a couple years to read Mom's book.

Well, once you start a series with gritty sex, your readers will look for that in the subsequent books...so, I wrote in plenty of steamy scenes. I've gotten many compliments on those scenes, too. :)

But as I was laying out my first stand-alone novel I found myself trying to figure out where I would fit sex into a story that was about SO FREAKING MUCH MORE the sex. I just kept thinking, if I plop sex in here it will seem contrived and I don't want that.

So, I talked to some of my blogger and author friends who agreed, the current trend in NA is hot sex. But why is that? I worry we don't give our readers credit for being the intelligent, deep, and passionate (in non-sexual ways) women they are.

Disclaimer #2:
I am not saying that the sexual content determines a shallow plot. NOT AT ALL! You don't have to read too many NA novels to see the twisted webs we weave!

Let's dive into the details of this five-year old genre we've come to know as New Adult....

New Adult is a genre that, in the beginning, was defined by an age bracket, not subject matter.

Having been a "new adult" I can guarantee you for most of us, that age between 18-24 was hardly all about my sex life or lack thereof. It was more about the excitement of living on my own, striving for personal growth and navigating my way through life's hurdles, tensions and conundrums that sharpened my problem-solving skills. All of which opens up millions of scenarios for fiction writers, even those who write romance, without diving into bed with the protagonist.

Now, obviously sex is one of those hurdles, tensions and conundrums of the age group but I feel we owe it to our readers to feel a part of the main character finding her way in life not finding her panties after a one night stand. How many of us look back over our lives and say "if it weren't for my sordid sex life in college, I'd never be where I am today." Are we insulting our readers by assuming that's all they want?

Karen Grove is the editorial director for Embrace, Entangled Publishing's New Adult imprint and had this to say on the subject of what New Adult is:

“The mindset is different in New Adult,” Grove says. “There’s a focus on success and survival versus [high school themes of] popularity and acceptance. The new adult brings their young adult experiences and discoveries to a new level, and they get to choose the adult they want to become.”

I'm not AT ALL trashing a hot sex scene, I swear! There are more than a handful of those in all three books of my IN TOO DEEP series.

But, the personal growth between the ages of 18 and 24 is fascinating, challenging and the biggest puzzle piece of who we become when we enter the real world. And sometimes it's just as exciting and satisfying as a good romp in the hay.

Suzie Townsend, Cora Carmack's agent from New Leaf Literary & Media supports the notion that sexual content is only a small facet of the New Adult genre...

“A few of the New Adult books I’ve read could have arguably been called angsty, sexually explicit YA, but I would say that’s the minority,” Townsend says. “To me, New Adult is a more specific name for what we would have called adult novels with strong crossover. They’re targeted for those adult readers who really enjoy YA, and for 20-somethings that haven’t always been able to find a lot of novels taking place during the college years.”

Sara Megibow, an agent with the Nelson Literary Agency had this to say and I see a lot of truth in her statement...

"The assertion that New Adult is just sexually explicit YA feels confrontational to me—as if the person doing
the asserting were dismissing the sexual content as a hook or a marketing scam to get more people to buy a book,” Megibow says. “The good New Adult submissions I’ve seen tend to focus on the conflicts of early adulthood—somewhat like the first Bridget Jones book—dating, jobs, first apartments, money, identity, self-sufficiency, etc.”

Tell me your thoughts.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Question Wednesday - Rachel Brookes

I have met so many amazing people through this author journey I've been on and I can't say enough about how welcoming and helpful they all have been. And it's always fun to have so much in common with someone and THEN find out they LOVE EDDIE VEDDER, too! LOL!

That's my sweet friend and amazing author, RACHEL BROOKES!

And who doesn't want a friend who knows kangaroos personally? That's right, Rachel is an Aussie! I love when she posts videos and I can hear her talk! :)

So, today Rachel and I talked about character traits...

As we grow up and mature, our views, passions, fears and beliefs evolve. Sometimes we look back on our lives and think, “I can’t believe I used to think that way” or “I’m so glad my views have changed so much.” What is one thing about your character or personality that has stayed steadfast over the years?

Rachel –
My belief of never living with what ifs. This was something that came to me when I was at 17 years of age and now at 32 it is still one of the beliefs that I always live by. I believe life is too short to live with what ifs. Some of my biggest successes and my biggest downfalls was because I took a chance hence taking away the what if scenario. I would rather live with a hundred regrets than one what if. I refuse to be sixty, sitting with my grandchildren and looking back on life thinking what if I had asked that guy out, what if I had published that book, what if I had gone at that trip. Life is all about taking those risks because you never know what will come out of them.

I love Rachel's answer, especially just coming off my ABOVE THE NOISE cover reveal yesterday. Rachel is one of the many authors who will tell you DON'T EVER GIVE UP! I spent seven years trying to break into the children's book market and failed miserably but my daddy always taught me, "No one tells a Kemper, No!" So,  I plugged along, not willing to throw in the  towel because I knew I would one day see my name on a book cover...and Sapphire Star Publishing believed in my little story and we did just that! 

So, I'm choosing a different trait to expand on since I just blabbed about that one ^^ up there!

Me –
I’ve always been insanely empathetic and it has my heart breaking on a daily basis. There are many, MANY things that hurt my heart so I’ll just choose one: HARM to ANIMALS
I feel guilty but I can’t watch the PUPPY MILL or ANIMAL RESCUE LEAUGE commercials because I am physically pained by the pictures on the screen. And add to that, stinkin’ Sarah McLachlan and her “I will remember you” background vocals…and I’m a puddle on the floor.
Since I was a child, I’ve been an “animal saver.” I had an annual summer terrarium in our backyard in which I constructed playgrounds and pools for the toads that came to visit. I’ve raised injured wild animals with my kids and then cried when we set them free. I’m a grown up and still save the worms that are stuck on our hot driveway after a rainstorm. I live my life as a vegetarian and adopt (not eat!) a turkey through FARM SANCTUARY every Thanksgiving.
 I’m completely and emotionally crushed by the mistreatment of animals and I can’t stomach the horrors that occur on factory farms so, as my son’s girlfriend says, “I just don’t eat anything with a face.”
So, you can imagine all the OTHER things I could elaborate on that make me sad in this world.

Have an awesome Wednesday!
Good night, sleep tight, Rachel!