Friday, March 18, 2016


I am so excited to bring you my latest novel: WHEN I LIED.

"Finish your work.  Run your errands.  Order pizza for dinner...because once you pick up this book full of twists, turns, and little white lies turning into big, bad regretful ones, you will NOT want to put it down! Michelle Kemper Brownlow, once again, had this reader glued to every word!" – Jillian Stein, Read Love Blog

Lexi is just the sort of girl a dark and brooding rockstar like Oliver Walt would fall for. Beautiful. Wild. Fun. The only problem?

Lexi is a lie
Bookish Kate Green knew she needed to brush up on her social skills before her first year of college, so she created an online persona to chat and flirt. And who better to practice on than talented and tormented rock frontman Oliver Walt? After all, the lead singer of her favorite band would hardly notice one more adoring fan. Except…he does. And with a single private message, Kate’s world changes forever.
Then Oliver wants to meet in person. Kate knows she has to come clean, but things are never that easy, so instead she enlists the aid of her beautiful and calculating study partner…which turns out just the way you might expect. Now, with Gretchen refusing to stop being Lexi, the lies grow bigger by the hour—and so do the stakes. Kate’s heart and Oliver’s life.
To see an excerpt from the book, head over to Heroes & Heartbreakers for their EXCLUSIVE look inside WHEN I LIED!

You can grab a copy of Kate & Oliver's story on APRIL 19TH!

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