Tuesday, January 28, 2014

IN TOO DEEP's INDIE release Day!


The above pic is the SWAG you can win during today's re-release celebration for the INDIE edition of IN TOO DEEP!

I am so excited to join such an amazing community...the INDIE author community! Honored beyong belief to keep their company! So, I spent the last couple days makin' some SWAG for you all! Just check out the blogs below for your chance to win one of these amazing prizes!

You know you want that wreath!!

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·         Naughty and Nice Book Blog

·         Martini Times

·         Rockstars of Romance

·         Holly’s Hot Reads

·         Stick Girl Reviews

·         True Story Book Blog

·         Books She Reads

·         Read-Love-Blog

·         Lovin’ Los Libros
·         Flirty & Dirty Book Blog

·         Jessa Russo.com

·         2 Bookaholics

·         Schmexy Girl Book Blog

·         The SUB CLUB Books

·         All in One Place

·         Between My Lines

·         Ashley’s Book Corner

·         Hot Guys in Books

So, go enter some or all of these blogger giveaways. (If you don't immediately see the IN TOO DEEP post, check back later. I will be updating as posts go live!) One lucky winner from each blog will be chosen and a prize will randomly be assigned to each winner and shipped out asap!



Monday, January 27, 2014

IN TOO DEEP re-release is tomorrow...

...and I'm playin' catch up...bear with me...

There are 18 amazing blogs playing a big part in this event tomorrow.
Huge amounts of SWAG to be given away!
Will post all their links tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

She cries too much...Emotional Abuse soap box

SoapBox Alert: I love reading reviews of IN TOO DEEP & ON SOLID GROUND...the good and the bad ones. I take everything constructively and don't let my feelings get in the way, so I write this not as an author who doesn't like a certain comment about her books, but as someone who can't believe the lack of tolerance people have for others.

 1....When someone is being emotionally abused, they CAN'T "just walk away." Emotional abuse is a form of brainwashing in that the abus...er uses many methods to tear the victim to shreds. Being torn like this destroys self-esteem, self-worth and trust in one's own perceptions and self-concept. Over time, the victim loses all sense of self & personal value. The abuser strips the victim of everything that would make 'just walking away' an option. 

 2....Saying someone who's being emotionally abused cries too much is like telling someone who's physically abused that they bruise too easily. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a result of abuse. PTSD happens because something too painful to deal with at that moment gets pushed away into a corner of the mind the victim can't easily access. Typically this is not a choice, it's the psyche's defense mechanism. So, when there's a trigger that pulls that situation out of nowhere, the brain can only process it as if it is happening right then, real time, because it hasn't been processed yet. Just like an amputee has phantom pains in a limb that's no longer there, abuse can be felt...FELT...when a certain song plays, a familiar scent is picked up, a word is spoken, or deep emotion is evoked. And, of course, everyone deals with the pain of abuse differently. Some act out in anger, some self-harm, some can handle more than most, some take their own lives and some cry. Who's too say how much is too much? What they've survived is TOO MUCH!

When I hear/read these two comments it's obvious to me the person sharing their opinion (which they are fully entitled to) has not experienced the depth of pain that can pull the rug out from under you. For the rest of us who have, that rug is always moving and at any moment can knock us on our asses.
I don't care if you think Gracie cried too much...she's not real. But your best friend, your sister, your co-worker, your daughter is real and what she's going through is a HELL I hope you never experience. So, please be sensitive of things you don't have a reference for. Be kind. That's all. Just be kind.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

POWEROCKS! Love this little thing!


I've got something for you....Authors! Bloggers!

This little gadget is GREAT for those of us who find ourselves using social media at WalMart, the bank, the Post Office...
It's no secret that only a small percentage of us actually sit at a computer ALL day. We have kids, families, jobs and so we grab our spare moments to connect with our readers via "social media on the go."

Well, this little stick is GREAT!

The people at POWEROCKSUSA sent me a freebie to review and obviously wanted my unbiased opinion so that's what I'm giving to you. I love this thing!

It does take quite a while to charge for the first time, more than just a couple hours...at least mine did. But then it lasts for just about two full charges. And this is just how easy it is!

1. Use your charging chord from your phone to charge.
2. When fully charged, use the chord that comes with your POWEROCK Magicstick to connect your phone to the stick. Throw it in your purse and go.

Yep! That easy. Keep it in your purse and charge it again the next time you need to, because this litttle guy holds enough "magic" for TWO full charges.

It's great for travel when everyone in the car is charging their phones and there's no spot for Mom's phone to charge.

You can find more informationn about the POWEROCKS Magic stick...as well as the other products they offer at the following links.


Go check them out!
Use one of your VISA card Christmas gifts and treat yourself to an after-Christmas gift! You won't be sorry!