Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Question Wednesday - Rachel Brookes

I have met so many amazing people through this author journey I've been on and I can't say enough about how welcoming and helpful they all have been. And it's always fun to have so much in common with someone and THEN find out they LOVE EDDIE VEDDER, too! LOL!

That's my sweet friend and amazing author, RACHEL BROOKES!

And who doesn't want a friend who knows kangaroos personally? That's right, Rachel is an Aussie! I love when she posts videos and I can hear her talk! :)

So, today Rachel and I talked about character traits...

As we grow up and mature, our views, passions, fears and beliefs evolve. Sometimes we look back on our lives and think, “I can’t believe I used to think that way” or “I’m so glad my views have changed so much.” What is one thing about your character or personality that has stayed steadfast over the years?

Rachel –
My belief of never living with what ifs. This was something that came to me when I was at 17 years of age and now at 32 it is still one of the beliefs that I always live by. I believe life is too short to live with what ifs. Some of my biggest successes and my biggest downfalls was because I took a chance hence taking away the what if scenario. I would rather live with a hundred regrets than one what if. I refuse to be sixty, sitting with my grandchildren and looking back on life thinking what if I had asked that guy out, what if I had published that book, what if I had gone at that trip. Life is all about taking those risks because you never know what will come out of them.

I love Rachel's answer, especially just coming off my ABOVE THE NOISE cover reveal yesterday. Rachel is one of the many authors who will tell you DON'T EVER GIVE UP! I spent seven years trying to break into the children's book market and failed miserably but my daddy always taught me, "No one tells a Kemper, No!" So,  I plugged along, not willing to throw in the  towel because I knew I would one day see my name on a book cover...and Sapphire Star Publishing believed in my little story and we did just that! 

So, I'm choosing a different trait to expand on since I just blabbed about that one ^^ up there!

Me –
I’ve always been insanely empathetic and it has my heart breaking on a daily basis. There are many, MANY things that hurt my heart so I’ll just choose one: HARM to ANIMALS
I feel guilty but I can’t watch the PUPPY MILL or ANIMAL RESCUE LEAUGE commercials because I am physically pained by the pictures on the screen. And add to that, stinkin’ Sarah McLachlan and her “I will remember you” background vocals…and I’m a puddle on the floor.
Since I was a child, I’ve been an “animal saver.” I had an annual summer terrarium in our backyard in which I constructed playgrounds and pools for the toads that came to visit. I’ve raised injured wild animals with my kids and then cried when we set them free. I’m a grown up and still save the worms that are stuck on our hot driveway after a rainstorm. I live my life as a vegetarian and adopt (not eat!) a turkey through FARM SANCTUARY every Thanksgiving.
 I’m completely and emotionally crushed by the mistreatment of animals and I can’t stomach the horrors that occur on factory farms so, as my son’s girlfriend says, “I just don’t eat anything with a face.”
So, you can imagine all the OTHER things I could elaborate on that make me sad in this world.

Have an awesome Wednesday!
Good night, sleep tight, Rachel!


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