Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Question Wednesday with Nancy S. Thompson

Once again, it's time to ask one of our favorite authors a random question to get to know her a little more. Maybe it's voyeuristic but it's always fun to take a peek into the non-author part of an author's life. I think sometimes people picture us writing all day (which we do) but I'm just assuming they don't think about us doing the grocery shopping, fighting with our kids, scooping poop in the backyard.

So, just for fun, once a week we will peek into the other parts of an author's life just to, let's face it, be nosey.

This week's question was a fun one and a no-brainer for me to answer, so I threw it out to my sweet author friend, Nancy S. Thompson. Nancy's debut novel The Mistaken is a brilliant Vigilante Justice Crime novel, that I have to say, calls to me from my Kindle on a daily basis. The Mistaken is on my list of books to read when I ship Above the Noise off to the editor next week.

So, I'm proud to introduce you all to my friend, NANCY S. THOMPSON!

The question I gave Nancy was,

What is your current non-food addiction? And if there was a support group for this addiction what would its acronym be?

And her answer...

"Oh God, I'd definitely have to say social media. Maybe it could be called SMAC: Social Media Addicts Collective."  

And I'm sure you'd have a full house if you ever organize this group, Nancy! You'll have to buy a truck load of cookies and juice. 

As you know, I love to play these kinds of games so I will always answer the same question I ask my authors. This way they can rest assured I'd never ask them something I wouldn't answer myself.

If I could answer with a food, my answer would be cheese. I'm a failed vegan because I can never stay away from it for longer than a month or so.
My support group for my cheese addiction would be FAT: Fromage Aficionado in Training.

But, since I specifically said NON-FOOD then my official answer to this question would be...

"Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm an Eddie Vedder a-holic!"

And the acronym for my support group would most definitely be AWFAMTRSM
pronounced aw-fam'-tur-sim
Authors Who Fantasize About Meeting Their Rock Star Muse

And there ya have it.
Tell us your non-food addiction and support group acronym in the comments below! Also, feel free to leave a question you'd like to see answered and authors you'd like to see featured.


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