Monday, December 3, 2012

Writers love winter...

I'm actually NOT a fan of winter. I hate to be cold. I hate to be wet. I don't like wind. I can't stand to play in the snow. Why? Have you not been paying attention?

Playing in the snow = cold, wet, wind = Grumpy Writer

But, what I do like about winter is being forced to stay inside during blizzards and snow squalls. A fire in the fireplace makes everything a little cozier. My favorite fleece blanket from my BFF and a cup of something hot makes a winter day complete perfection!

Christmas is 22 days away and the thermometer is climbing past 65 as I type. I love sunny, warm days but something in me wishes it was gray and snowy outside so I could sit curled up with my Hot Toddy and my laptop. Inspiration is induced when I am ridiculously comfortable.

Comfort for me is the sum of soft sweats, no bra (sorry if that's TMI), cozy slippers, warm fuzzy blanket, steaming cup of yumminess and my current WIP. I had this beauty last week during the big Nor'easter  that came to the East coast. I have about six chapters to finish tweaking and polishing and the sun is making me feel guilty for copping a squat on the couch. But I tell myself, this is my equivalent to a desk job...just without the dress code, boring meetings and a boss. Not a bad set up.

My current yet-to-be-requested novel is a New Adult novel: In Too Deep

I am in love with this story. Gracie and Noah couldn't be more opposite but when they cross paths the summer between their freshman and sophomore year of college there are fireworks...literally. Noah puts aside his bad boy ways when he unexpectedly falls for Gracie who is beautiful and sweet but probably way too naive to date Noah and stay that way. But their picture perfect love that stuns Noah's friends and scares Gracie's, is headed for turmoil. When Noah is initiated to Sigma Chi, the hottest fraternity on the campus of The University of Tennessee, something within Noah rears its ugly head and he becomes emotionally abusive and Gracie takes it blow by blow waiting for "her Noah" to come back.

As Gracie's sanity is threatened, Jake, Noah's former roommate and Gracie's best friend, can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch. But will Jake's devotion to his best friend show a broken Gracie that she is worth so much more or will his devotion turn into unexpected love? A love triangle like you have never known with the gore of violent heartbreak and the beauty of a fairy tale all in one book.

Emotional abuse leaves wounds no one sees, but true love will walk beside you as you heal.

I hope you will fall in love with this story as it is very close to my own heart.
So, put the shades down, pretend it's snowing (even if you hate winter like I do), find your best snuggly blanket and follow a journey that will bring Gracie, Noah, Jake and their collegiate friends to life.

I am currently participating in PitchWars and am  looking forward to December 12th when the announcement of which of over 30 published authors and PitchWars mentors choose the one author they want to help adjust and polish their finished manuscripts and ready them for awaiting agents. I am so excited to even be participating but am obviously crossing my fingers and toes (and I am double jointed so I can cross each twice - well, almost) that one of my three chosen mentors believes in Gracie and her survival as much as I do.
I want to publicly thank Summer Heacock, Elizabeth Prats and Shelley Watters for taking time out of their own writing to be coaches for all of the many entrants and for being awesome enough to be chosen by moi.

Stay tuned, there are more contests coming up the pike and I am revved and ready to go with another manuscript, my YA WIP. I will fill you in on a dark soul named M, yes...just M, in another post. She's a very complicated soul that needs her own post. She'd never share space with a goody two shoes, virgin geek like Gracie.

Stick around. I'd love to meet you so introduce yourself.
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