Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The waiting game...

This week, in my own little world, I am hosting The Waiting Game... this wait is my own and I HATE to wait.

Before I was finished writing my NA manuscript, IN TOO DEEP, I had an agent waiting in the wings to read the FULL.

Two weeks ago during #PitchMas, I had three requests for queries and partials of my MS. Last week I got an email requesting a FULL! I did 1,000 hours (slight exaggeration) over the weekend primping and polishing and making sure my characters were on their best (or worst) possible behavior so they would stun the publisher and her staff and have them giddy to make me an offer!

So, while I wait for a response from them, I sent the FULL to the waiting agent and then did a little research and found three agents who seem to be a perfect fit for my manuscript. I carefully read their submission guidelines and sent off exactly what they were looking for.

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