Saturday, May 22, 2010


Some of these photos were taken with my cell phone right before they were stuffed with lunches so I apologize for the clarity.

These have become quite the hot commodity at my kids' middle school...I even have teachers asking for custom ones! How fun! It puts a little bit of a crunch in my morning while trying to get three kids off to school (b/c having an artist brain does not lend itself well to preparing ahead of time...that's not how my muse works! LOL!) but it's worth the stories and smiles they come home with!

I only wish I would have started taking pictures of them at the beginning of the year...there's about 150+ of them floating through a recycling plant somewhere.

...stay tuned for more...

I'm planning on illustrating a wordless story on the ones for the rest of the year! From beginning to end. Can you see the lunch table 'chomping at the bit' to see the rest of the story each day?!

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  1. Oh!! I love these, Michelle! Esp. the squirrel, who demands his own story...really. :) So fun!!