Thursday, May 6, 2010

From my art desk...

I have been working on a couple things simultaneously and those things have been keeping me from blogging regularly...both HERE and on my OTHER BLOG.

I have devised a giant list of WHO I will be sending my latest manuscripts to...and then my printer ran out of ink and for some UNKNOWN reason, Kodak ink is NOT something that is carried by Office Max OR WalMart...grrrrr!

I have been working on a commissioned piece that is a collaged scene using "Benny" as the main focal point. Someone on Facebook saw him and had recently been diagnosed with adult ADD and thought a scene of Benny in an office would be PERFECT for her to giggle at while she was working in HER office.

And of course, I have been drawing and doodling in my sketchbooks.

I have also been doing a lot of reading on mixed media art. I used to do mixed media and somehow got out of it. But after chatting with Judy Schachner at the last SCBWI conference I was inspired to start it again. She gains most of her inspiration for SkippyJon Jones while creating beautiful mixed media projects. She had some with her and they were amazing!

I found a new MIXED MEDIA magazine with an interactive website and I am addicted!

So, back to work! Headed to my desk to organize my acrylic paints in my NEW organizer and get started on  a wood block collage piece!

Pictures to come!


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