Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, where do I start?

I am a former art teacher turned stay-at-home mom whose love for children's books got the best of her. During my Master's of Education program at Binghamton University, students were given SCHOLASTIC book order like the ones elementary school kids get. I would carefully tuck mine, uncrumpled, into my backpack and head home for a date with an order form.

THE SALAMANDER ROOM by Anne Mazer was my first purchase from one of those order forms. That was just the beginning! I was hooked. My unborn children had a full library before they set foot on the planet! I still have those books. Now I have 3 children.

I write because I love children. My passion for kids goes far beyond what I can put into words. I have no doubt in my mind that writing for children is what I am supposed to do.

Peter H. Reynolds once asked me to write down why I write.

This was my heart's response:
"Inspiring children to be all that they can be is my purpose in this life! It is my passion. It’s why I volunteer to work with children. It’s why I write. I am certain it is why I breathe."

So, whether you are a parent, a teacher, a librarian or just a lover of children's books, you have a new home here. Stop in often. Everything from book reviews to author interviews to original coloring pages to sneak peaks at my works-in-progress will welcome you each time. Add yourself to the followers list so you will be sure to keep in touch.

Have a beautifully creative day!


  1. Is this blog networked of Facebook's 'Networked Blogs'?

    If so, please do a search for me their and invite me to follow it. I would love to keep up with it.

    Search for 'Aidana WillowRaven'.


  2. Hi, Michelle! What a wonderful new venture for you! I look forward reading to what you have in store here.

  3. Those are absolutely fabulous. I am not sure about the mousetail soup though, is it supposed to be yummy? You are obviously gifted with passion and tons of talent for us the viewers/readers to enjoy. Thanks for sharing