Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pro bono Cancer Logos

This is the logo for my Childhood Cancer Website. This is the place to learn more and become proactive in changing and saving the lives of children wth cancer.

This is sweet Julian. This little man only lived 4 short years but changed the lives of SO many people across the planet. Want to know more about the fearless Juju? Read my blog posts HERE.
This was a design I used for greeting cards that I sold as fundraisers for Cancer kiddos and their families, when printed they said, "Let Go, Let God!"

This is sweet, sweet Coleman. Coleman and his twin brother Caden had me rolling and laughing until my sides ached with their hilarious antics on their YouTube channel! Unfortunately, Coleman passed away just after his 5th birthday. You can read more about the amazing C-man HERE.
This is a logo I designed for a sweet, sweet boy I got to spend a whole week with. Bailey is a survivor of Rhabdomyosarcoma and was just given a clean bill of health! He is my Super Bay, but that is also the name of the foundation his parents have set up. Read more about my summer week with Crazy Bailey HERE!

Please find out how you can support a cause with not a lot of medical funding behind it. Donate to causes like CUREsearch where you know ALL of the funding goes to childhood cancers. Most people are surprised to know that only 0.03 of every dollar donated to the American Cancer Society goes toward Childhood Cancers.

Head over to The Childhood Cancer Petition Site to sign the petition to increase funding and awareness for little baldies everywhere! They need you! 46 children EVERY SINGLE school day are diagnosed and only a small percentage of those children live 5 years.

PLEASE help!

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