Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From my drawing table... September 23, 2009

My inspiration can come from almost anywhere...well, honestly, there is no "almost" about it. Inspiration for me comes from ANYWHERE!

Something I read that makes me laugh.

Something I see that makes me cry.

A story I hear that won't leave my brain.

A child sitting on a swing alone.

A mom kissing the head of her baby at the doctor's office.

Sidewalk chalk...yes, sidewalk chalk! I LOVE IT!

This little gal was born on my driveway 4 year old calls her "Emma-yee."

And this is her evolution...

The curly-headed girlie in the bottom left and the wrapped-up-squirrel were things I drew BEFORE the sidewalk chalk, then "Emma-yee" came. I had to beg my little guy NOT to hose her off the driveway before I oculd grab the camera. I knew I would ache to draw her later.

And I did. She's not done...none of these are.

Oh, and the "GIRLFRIENDS" design was something I did for a magazine that needed a frame for an article I was writing about the 'gift of girlfriends.' But I thought "Curly" and "Emma-yee" would be good friends so that's why my portfolio is opened to that page.

The squirrel is a character I am working on for a new book project.

Thanks for looking!
Whether you are a writer or an artist, where does your inspiration come from?

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