Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To review...or not to review (Amazon, B&N)

...and the correct answer is...

Before signing my first book contract, I didn't really think too much about leaving a review for a book on Amazon or B&N. I didn't really think my opinion mattered all that much.
Now, as an author I realize how many reviews I should have left over the years. Reviews help authors in many ways, especially self-pubbed authors (which I am now one of) who could get picked up by a publisher if they have a decent amount of reviews.
Now, I am not a traditional pub turned self-pubbing author who is vying for the attention of big houses and agencies. There are tons of self-pubbed authors out there who sit on the New York Times Best Seller List so I am in good company. But in order to grab the attention of the readers we, as authors, should be collecting as many reviews as we have readers.
Now, I am aware of how many books I have sold thus far...and my 64 reviews on Amazon (which are amazing reviews! I am happy with the ones there...most of them) are only representative of a quantity of two numbers...a six and a four...64. Based on how many of you have purchased and read IN TOO DEEP, this number should be four numbers long! You get me?
"People, she's proposing a contest!"
Until Friday at midnight (EST) everyone who leaves a new comment will be entered for a chance to win some IN TOO DEEP and ON SOLID GROUND swag! (Please remember I was an art teacher...I can make some pretty cool swag!) For every 10 reviews, I will pull one winner.
20 new reviews - 2 winners
30 reviews - 3 winners feelin' me?
So, if you have read IN TOO DEEP, please leave a couple words (and lots of stars) for it on Amazon and B&N! :)
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!