Wednesday, February 6, 2013

...through Author-Colored glasses...

Well, of course I know that glasses cannot be author-colored. Not sure what that color is, I've never seen it in the CRAYOLA mega pack. But you all know the old "...through rose colored glasses" phrase. Basically this means if you put those glasses on, you will see things in a new you have a secret that only the rose-colored glasses people know.

Well, if you look at it that way...there ARE Author-Colored glasses! And they are really funky like the ones above. I would totally wear those, wouldn't you? My teenagers wouldn't be seen with me, that's for sure, but I think they're awesome. May have to get myself a pair for my next Author Photo Shoot.

Anyway, my point...

I have noticed since writing a full novel and having started the content edits as per my editor, I am starting to see my novel like a giant equation...and I HATE MATH. But, it's similar in that, while editing, if you change a specific detail in Chapter 12, you may need to go back to Chapter 2 and add a hint, then ahead to Chapter 8 to switch something around so that the detail in Chapter 12 makes logical sense. See, equation!

Now, while I wait for line edits, I read...other people's books. I am noticing that I am picking up on things earlier than I would had I not used this Author Equation multiple times in the last couple months. And it's not that the authors I have read are blatantly obvious - they're really not. Those funky glasses really work!

In any book, there are details you are supposed to simply pick up and carry with you through the story... and then later the author throws you a curve ball and you have a big "AHA" moment when that little detail comes flying back like the missing piece of a puzzle. And you have the "why didn't I see that?" reaction. It's fun when that happens!

Now that I read through my Author-Colored glasses, I NOTICE those little details and SOMETIMES I piece something together a little sooner than I'd like...those "AHA" moments we readers love so much can be "aha" moments through my new glasses.

More importantly, I am seeing many different versions of that equation through the eyes of other authors and that excites me. In some instances I am still thrown by the outcome but can quickly piece it all together and follow the climax back to its origin... it's a little like looking over your friend's shoulder during the math test.

Though, we authors don't call it cheating...we call it INSPIRATION! My writing will improve by checking out the creative equations in the books I read.

And I have come to LOVE my Author-Colored glasses!



  1. I read this post with author colored glasses:) Good stuff here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's so true. It's actually harder to read now that I'm an author because I too often pick up on mistakes... :( oh well, nothing is perfect.
    Although I know a book is awesome if I find myself so completely into it that I don't notice the writing or plotting at all. That's a good thing.

  3. Totally agree, Dana! I have always been the person that picks up on typos but now I notice it even moreso! Although, I have no problem MAKING typos! :)