Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gracie Jordan's State of Love and Trust...and Pearl Jam

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love PEARL JAM ...but not in a screaming, never wash my hand again if it shook Eddie's, creepy stalker kind of way. NOT AT ALL. Don't get me wrong, the announcement of US dates for their 2013 tour sent a wave of goose bumps through me that didn't stop for an hour. And if I had the chance to meet Eddie Vedder I would have butterflies the size of elephants but not for the reasons you think.

Yes, he's famous, but I could care less about that. Yes, he's always been beautiful to look at but that's just a bonus as far as I am concerned. I am in awe of the beauty of his passion for the lyrics he writes, the raw nature of how he bears his soul for every performace, the heart he puts into everything he touches from the research he does on the towns they play to his environmental activism to the benefit concerts at The Bridge School, a school for children with severe speech and physical impairments.

Sure, Gracie would love to meet Eddie Vedder, too, but for EXACTLY the same reasons I do...
I would like to personally thank him for how much his music has touched my soul and healed scars from my past. I would like to tell him that the passion he exudes when he writes and performs is beyond gorgeous. And you better believe this man will have a spot in the "Acknowledgements" in my book, IN TOO DEEP... which was born on a very rough day for me as I lay in my bed and cried listening to Pearl Jam's DEEP, realizing I was "in too deep."

I saw Pearl Jam for the first time in November of 1991 when they came with The Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Rec Hall at Penn State. This was less than a year after the band that was Mother Love Bone added Eddie as their singer and became Pearl Jam. So, I have been listening to their lyrics and collecting their albums (I have 109 of their songs on my iPod right now) pretty much since the beginning.

And, that concert at Penn State was just months before I sat in Park Place apartment #305 just off campus and watched them perform on MTV Unplugged - back when MTV really was all about MUSIC and music was about so much more than suggestive words and crazy wardrobes.

This song, STATE OF LOVE AND TRUST, is currently on repeat as I write Gracie's emotions while she tries to convince herself that her state of love an trust has been broken down to pretext.

Enter MTV unplugged from March 1992:

Just watch him...he FEELS every word he sings. THIS is AUTHENTIC art!
Completely AUTHENTIC!

Now, try to call me a "crazy Pearl Jam fan!"
It goes much deeper than that.

Thank you, Eddie.


  1. I'm a Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder lover too. Not as dedicated as you are though. :) But he's such a passionate person, you have to love him. I have an old Mother Love Bone CD too. (not at all a music geek)
    I saw Pearl Jam in concert years ago with The Rolling Stones. They played for over an hour in the storming rain. The rain didn't slow them down at all. It was absolutely one of the best shows I've ever been to.

  2. Yep!!! Nothing stops them! :) Makes me smile! 20 years later and still going strong. That's a level of passion most people will never get to!