Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, it's the second day of the New Year and I am still thinking that December 27th was a dream! That was the day I signed a contract with Sapphire Star Publishing for my New Adult Contemporary Romance, IN TOO DEEP. The New Adult category is typically for readers ages 17-24.

Writing IN TOO DEEP was an amazing experience. I don't think most people understand how you can have a story inside your brain that is literally just knocking to get out. That's what happened with this book! It was there and I needed to let it out so that the other stories in my head could move up a slot and wait their turn in line to be released.

IN TOO DEEP is a love story that I am sure happens on college campuses across the country. I needed to get this story out and into the hands of young women who may be dealing with a similar situation. Even though this is a fictional story, I am hoping walking with Gracie through her personal hell, helps actual victims of emotional abuse view their situation in a different light so they can get out of it before it rocks them to their core.

My character Gracie just assumes she and Noah have a "rocky" relationship when in fact what Noah is doing to her, by definition, is emotional abuse. Gracie doesn't see it because in her heart she believes Noah would never hurt her purposely. But he does...over and over and over again.This story takes an evil most don’t consider abuse and validates it for the many victims of its Hell.

Emotional abuse is real. It's not always qualified as "actual" abuse because there are no bruises or welts. But the scars of emotional abuse don't go away like a bruise or a welt. Emotional abuse stays with the victim as long as the emotional trauma of any other type of abuse.

I want to thank Amy and Katie at Sapphire Star for believing in this story and for giving Gracie a voice that could save the sanity of many many victims before they find themselves IN TOO DEEP.


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  1. Congratulations, Michelle, can't wait to read it when it comes out!