Saturday, February 6, 2010

TVEC School Visit 2010 at

At the end of my presentation I read one of my latest manuscripts called FREE ROCKS FOR SALE. It's a simple story with a message of turning a 'grumpy' into a 'happy' and giving it away.

The children drew two cold, ugly, bumpy rocks and thought cold, ugly, bumpy, grumpy thoughts. We then thought of happy thoughts and turned our rocks into beautiful masterpieces that made us happy. The kids gathered from the story that 'happy' shouldn't be kept to ourselves, we should give it away.

I told them they could keep one of their beautiful rocks to remind them of our time together and FREE ROCKS FOR SALE but they needed to GIVE ONE away to make someone's day.

As the last class of the day waved goodbye, I received these BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECES!

Thank you Brianna, Alayna, Elle and Dayton!

And THIS is why I do what I do!


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