Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's National Authors & Illustrators Week!

If you are reading this blog - you love children and children's books. This week is an awesome time to celebrate those books that mean the world to you.

Maybe they make you giddy.
Maybe they make you think.
They might remind you of a special time in your childhood.
They may remind you of the person who gave books as gifts.

This week is a time to give back...thank an author and/or an illustrator for inspiring every child that picks up their book.

How many times have you heard a keynote speaker talk about his/her favorite childhood book? We may never know the magnitude our written word has on the world. But we can trust that there are children smiling because of something we wrote. That is AWESOME!

Head over to FACEBOOK and "friend" all your favorite authors! Send them a note and thank them for what they do!

I wanted to upload pics of illustrations I am working on and blurbs of some stories I am weaving but Blogger won't let me upload anything today. :(


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