Thursday, October 16, 2014

Roots & Crowns and Project Unbreakable

Sometimes you come across something you just have to have. You NEED it. You covet it.
In my case, that kind of passionate response usually revolves around food, tattoos or bracelets.

But, as I was doing research for Sexual Abuse Awareness month and working on some programming on the topic I came across Project Unbreakable...if you haven't checked it out, you must (Trigger WARNING: photos of rapist quotes could cause a trigger response in some people. ) As I became more and more intrigued by Grace Brown's brain child I also came across a company called Roots & Crowns out of Portland, Oregon.

Max at Roots & Crowns creates the most beautiful amulets that he fills with nature. Max creates each amulet specifically for each person, sometimes emailing or skyping numerous times with the customer to get a grasp of the specific herbs and flowers to include inside their amulet.

One of Max's recent facebook posts said, "I LOVE personalizing necklaces for custom-order. Getting to tap into the co-creative intention for the piece, and handwriting the scroll describing the included herbs---it's all such a lovely process."

Roots & Crowns is designing unbelievably inspiring amulets for Project Unbreakable which supports and brings light to the victims of sexual abuse and rape.

(photos courtesy of Roots and Crowns etsy shop)


Which brings me back to the things I COVET. In the photo above I am wearing my very own Project Unbreakable inspired Roots & Crowns amulet and I am so fuh-reaking in love with it! It's beautiful and so meaningful.

And Max's customer service was impeccable.

My new favorite etsy shop!

Kudos, Max Turk! In my eyes, you're a hero for spending your time blessing survivors with your talents and hard work.

Go book mark Roots & Crowns on Etsy and SHARE & LIKE their facebook page! Go!


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