Monday, March 31, 2014

The Author-Mom Chronicles #1 - What it is...

Like I need one more distraction to add to my life. But here it is... said distraction.

I am going to start a regularly occurring "column" here on my author blog called, The Author-Mom Chronicles. Mostly because I just need to have things in writing to process them and writing in a journal takes too much time.

*And also because I thought it might be a welcome distraction for other authors, regardless of where they are on this writer journey, who just want to see that they're not the only ones pulling their hair out during the day when no one is home to see it...or some of you might do it with an audience like I do.

So, here's the VERY FIRST installment of The Author-Mom Chronicles...enjoy!
(dammit, I wish I didn't have to go back and fix so many typos)

Today starts a few new additions to my work day/work week.
I am going to start adding exercise to my daily routine. I've done this off and on and been at a variety of levels of go-get-em but over the last 6 or 7 years I have lost all interest in doing anything active. I chase my youngest, I'm up at 6:30 playing hockey, basketball, catch, soccer in my driveway most mornings but as far as doing exercise for MOI, that hasn't happened in a long time.

Typically, after I get my kiddos all off to school, I have three of those kinds of people (ages 16, 15, 8), I sit down on the couch and do some social media stuff...I wish I could say that it is connected to the marketing of my "brand" but it is is mindless surfing for the sole purpose of looking into the lives of over 4,000 people on my facebook friends lists. Then I move onto Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest to waste more time. I justify doing this as my "down time" after what is typically a chaotic morning with an 8 year old who has been my biggest challenge in life...well, probably not, but he's a challenge.

So, I added MyFitnessPal to my many apps on my iPhone and today I started a diet...something else I haven't done in years. Mostly because I'm vegetarian, sometimes more vegan and mostly gluten free when I feel like it and I take meds for anxiety and depression which has a weight loss side effect. But, apparently eating 1/2 a bag of peanut M&Ms, a grilled cheese (on my non-vegan days), a bag of chips and a whole lot of diet pepsi sort of counteracts that weight loss thing. Shit.

I have my first BIG signing June 7th in Philadelphia and I wanna be HOT. Yeah, it's shallow but I have always had body image issues...I won't bore you with the deep-seeded issues that come from career dieter parents but I'm one of those girls who always hates the way she looks in pictures. Except at the height of my fight with Bulimia...then I loved the way I looked...for the most part. But that eating disorder thing takes way more energy than I was willing to put out for a long period of time so it was simply a years worth of dabbling with the evil ED (eating disorder).

So, today I started a new friendship with MyFitnessPal and I guess it's worth a shot at convincing myself to put it all out there in the name of accountability.
(I say "So..." a lot)

Instead of getting the kids on their buses and then chilling on the couch as though I deserve some "veg" time, I'm going to lace up my sneakers and take the dog for a walk. I might mix it up a bit on rainy days with some cool strength training ideas I find on Pinterest (which I will search for during another one of my well-deserved veg moments time specifically carved out for returning phone calls & emails, making appointments, etc.

So, there you go. (I said "So," again)
I'm far from perfect at this anal schedule thing but I have a husband who should have a degree in Anal Retentive Behavior...he clips his nails every Monday...I kid you not. We've been married for 20 years and every Monday I can expect the clip-clip sound coming from the bathroom as he gets himself ready for work. But, the man has never overdrawn a bank account, forgotten an appointment, gained excess weight, stopped exercising, or lost his marbles. I've spent the last 20 years being jealous of all he can do and keep in his mind at one time...I figure it's time for me to try this gig.

Kids on bus
Walk dog/exersize
Blog abt my life as an Author-Mom
Write novels
Kids off bus
Remember all the appointments I forgot to make, things I didn't pick up from the grocery store, people I never called/emailed back, tickets I didn't buy, permissions slips I forgot to sign
Be Mom Taxi
Make dinner
Fall into bed with my perfectly anal husband

Yep, sounds about right.
Now, stop your yapping and let me get off here...I have a novel to write!
(disclaimer: these posts will never be proofread)

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