Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 Huge thanks go out to all the readers & bloggers who have put time into the reviews that will be coming out all around the blogosphere! I HEART YOU!
I couldn't be more excited (and nervous) about everything that I have planned for today! It's only the WEE hours of the morning in Amish Country, PA right now but in no time at all we will be PARTYING!

I will be sucking down the caffeine, packing lunches, then getting everything set up for our 9-4 gig! :) We need lots of sugary treats and pitchers of mimosas, please. So, on your way, stop and pick some up!

IN TOO DEEP was a huge smash for this debut author! I couldn't believe how well it did for being my very first book!

So, you can imagine how excited (and nervous) I am for ON SOLID GROUND to hit the airwaves! Because Gracie's story doesn't end with IN TOO DEEP...so all of you who were threatening to throw your Kindles and Nooks at a wall, you will be THRILLED to see where Gracie is headed this time around.

And those of you who said she was weak and cried to much...you will be thrilled to see the changes she makes over the summer months!

Please joing me at our EVENT tomorrow! I have promised Q&A, character chats, trivia, giveaways, deleted scenes and ONE BIG TREAT for everyone with an e-version of either book. Don't miss it!

Here's the link to the RELEASE DAY SHENANIGANS! https://www.facebook.com/michelle.k.b...

Pass it on! Your reader/blogger friends will thank you!

**And I made a promise that if my Facebook author page hits 2,000 likes at some point tomorrow JAKE will come hang out with everyone and answer your questions!
Here's the link for my fb page:

OK...go check it all out and of course, tweet the &^#%&^*# out of all these links! Thanks!

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  1. Just purchased both books for my Nook - happy reading to me!