Thursday, October 17, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: On Solid Ground


I am so excited!

IN TOO DEEP went over HUGE in the NA world. It's a tough book to read but one you can't put down...or so I've heard. When I say tough I'm refering to the rollercoaster of emotions you experience while reading. Just check out some of the reviews. And btw, there are more than 2,000 of you who have it on their to-read may wanna move it to your read list.
In Too Deep

ON SOLID GROUND is the sequel and where it is similar in intensity to IN TOO DEEP, the intensity is NOT revolved around Gracie's broken heart...there are a couple new twists to the story my readers may NOT be expecting. But, based on the 5 STAR reviews it has gotten from bloggers who've received the pre-ARC, it's worth the stress.
On Solid Ground

The best part is, after a long discussion with my amazing editor, I have decided to add TWO more chapters to the end of the story to wrap up some loose ends with one of the characters.

I am so excited to get this book out to you! December can't come quick enough!! :)




  1. The anticipation is killing me! lol I am so excited to read this book! In Too Deep was definitely one of my favorites of 2013 :)