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About a month ago my computer was freaking out and it wouldn't let me post here. Something was wonky, I don't know what. So, needless to say, as the countdown to IN TOO DEEP's release moved faster and faster, I was busy on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook making connections, accepting friend requests and welcoming followers. I have also been fully eveloped in writing the "Part 2" of IN TOO DEEP. My blog has suffered a bit coming in at last place on my priorities list...which is silly b/c this is where you get to know the REAL me, my freak personality, my goofball humor and I've been neglecting you.

For that, I apologize!
Today I decided to give it another try and see if my laptop would do what I needed it to to post for you today and VOILA, it's working! While I was setting it up, I peeked at my stats page and there were almost 6800+ page views last month....WHAT THE HECK? That's up from just a little over 100 visitors a month. Even though I wasn't posting I had readers visiting in droves! Well, that just thrills me to no end!
Friday of last week I was surprised at my door by a smirking UPS man. My UPS man is awesome, my kids call him my 'boyfriend' which makes me giggle. He IS quite handsome and he DID go to Penn State, but I've got all I can handle with my HOT husband so...a boyfriend, no. I can write scandalous things but that's because I have no interest in living that way! LOL! So, anyway, Phil the UPS man is standing at my door and it dawns on my that he may have my books....books I hand't laid eyes on, books I hadn't touched with my own hands. Sure enough, that's what he was delivering - 9 boxes of IN TOO DEEP for my book signing this weekend! Poor Phil saw a side of me he didn't know what to do with. I was jumping and clapping and crying and thanking him like he personally printed each one!
Now, before I show you the picture (which has been all over the internet by now, between Twitter and Facebook) let me forewarn you, it is not pretty. Our A/C was broken, it was 90+ degrees, I had been writing all day so I had not showered, dressed or put  make up on...not the way you want to memorialize your very first novel in your hands...but, hey, you hang around with me long enough and you know I'm the "you get what you get" kind of person...I don't DO fake. So, I wasn't faking anything in this less-than-attractive pose but here you go...this is what Phil did to me on Friday...
When collage's like the one at the top of this post and this one...

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...started coming my way from bloggers who had already read IN  TOO DEEP, I knew no one had to pinch me anymore...THIS SHIZNIT WAS REAL! I was getting FAN mail and virtual FAN art! This is the validation every author needs to remind them...someone (Sapphire Star Publishing, in my case) didn't just give you a shot...they believed in you because what you do is WORTHY of being in print. They knew that your characters would grab ahold of readers' hearts and give it a good shake before letting it go. Someone knew the market well enough to let your words make a statement for the world to read!

I am in awe of the response IN TOO DEEP has received!

Just going over the reviews on Goodreads gives me chills...and yes, I will admit, I read those couple reviews every day! EVERY day because it is an amazing feeling to have people you have never met connect with people you have created in a way that leaves them teary-eyed and speechless. There is no feeling like this!

So, with ONE DAY left to go...

I have to say, I am honored to bring you the life of Gracie Jordan. I am anticipating your reactions to Noah Foster. And I am squealing with excited to introduce the amazing Jake Rockwell to all the BOOK BOYFRIEND FREAKS out there... and I say FREAKS with respect, because I am one of you!

Now here are all the deets you need to take this awesome IN TOO DEEP trip right along with me:


Available on in paperback and Kindle and also available on in paperback and Nook.

Tomorrow I hope you will join me at my VIRTUAL RELEASE PARTY on Facebook from 9am-12pm! Come with virtual food and drink. Ask me questions, tell me what you think of the book so far, NO SPOILERS PLEASE. And I can't promise anything but there's a slight chance Gracie, Noah and Jake may show up for a short time.

Saturday I will be doing a book signing at AROMA'S COFFEE and BAGELS in Elverson, PA from 9am - 12pm. I will have those NINE boxes of books on hand for you to grab or bring one you've already received! Hope I will see you there!

The week of June 13-17 is my VIRTUAL BOOK/BLOG TOUR thanks to Xpresso Book Tours. I will be bouncing around to FORTY-NINE different blogs that week. Crazy!

I am also looking forward to a couple college visits next school year. I have been invited by two universities to come speak to their SIGMA KAPPA Chapters (my sorority) and do a program on emotional abuse and its red flags! I will also be selling books and signing them at these events as well!

I am living a dream!
OK I're still going to have to pinch me...I don't think I will ever get used to this.

But I do have to say, Gracie (who is real in my heart) DOES deserve all this hooplah for all she has survived! Thank you for giving her props!

Peace out, Romance Peeps!
(And for the 1,000,000th time - thank you to my favorite band, Pearl Jam for inspiring this book!)
You can read more about that HERE!

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