Thursday, October 22, 2009

These are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS...

So many things play into WHAT I write and what I DRAW... inspiration is everywhere! If I wrote in my notebook EVERY time a story line, character or new concept idea came to mind, I would NEVER get off my office chair! (Not that that would be a bad thing!)

I try to jot down everything that I like enough to spend a lot of time on...sometimes it is in a journal/notebook/sketchbook, sometimes it's in the driveway in sidewalk chalk. Sometimes it's on slips of paper or napkins that I stuff in my purse and then tape into my journal/notebook/sketchbook.

I had a writer professor who would say, "One could NEVER write every story that came to one lives that long!" This struck me as it made me realize how "in tune" we need to be with our creative side. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can become a story...but only the author can select JUST THE RIGHT ONE and make that story her own!

So, no more procrastinating! I have 500 words to cut out of my newest manuscript and a book dummy to create! Back to the drawing board...LITERALLY!

While I write - you can peek at what keeps my muse happy...

Painted baby fingers.


Grumpy toddlers.

Simple nature.

My Sunday morning (BreakAway 56) tweens.

Funny PRANK cakes I have made.

My student's projects.

Heavenly Amish-made desserts.

My countryside surroundings.

And, of course, sidewalk chalk!

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